32th Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 6, 2005 - Bulletin

Stay awake, for you neither the day nor the hour

— Matthew 2513

THEME OF OUR LITURGY - “The Coming of God‘s Kingdom”
Wisdom 6:12-16 Wisdom is easily discerned by those who love her.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, though Jesus, God will bring with him those who have died.

Matthew 25:1-13 Stay awake! You know neither the day nor the hour.


During the month of November we pray for all the Souls of the Faithful Departed.

We pray for the eternal repose of the soul of THELMA RAMSEYER, sister of Suzanne Nazario who died last week and offer our sympathy to her family.

We pray for all the sick in our parish, especially: Maureen Dan, Tom Cathey, Richard Jordan, Malen Ferrer, John Duran, Florence Favrow, John Hartlein, Margaret Caylao and Lory Manzano, and Angela Uccelli.


Vote “YES” on Proposition 73: Tuesday is Election Day! Vote YES ON PROP 73. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that strong societies depend on strong families. Prop 73 will require doctors to notify a parent 48 hours before performing an abortion on a girl under 18 years old.


Many thanks to those parishioners who contributed to the Church Collection last Sunday. Amount received: $4,270 and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Amount received: $1,120. Cost of running the Parish for the week: $5,200.


Second Collection next weekend is for the support of the Parish Improvement Fund. Please give generously!


The Knights of Columbus are looking for “Good CATHOLIC Men” to join in their service to this Parish community. Just for the past 10 years alone, the Knights of Columbus have donated over $1 Billion to charitable efforts and rendered over 500 million volunteer hours of service. Parishioners who would like more information about this large Catholic, Family Fraternal, Service Organization of over 1.7 million members worldwide, are encouraged to talk with any of the Knights who will be at the Church on the weekend of November 27th.

May the eagles lead us into paradise, may the martyrs come to welcome us and lead us into the Holy City of Jerusalem, AMEN.

(In Paradium)


Sunday, November 13th

Parish Improvement Fund 2nd Collection

Father Brian’s State of the Parish Talk at all the Masses

Initiation Mass for First Eucharist Children at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, November 20th

Campaign for Human Development 2nd Collection

Parishioner’s State of the Parish Talk at all the Masses

Thursday, November 24th

Mass at 10 a.m. (No 8 a.m. Mass)

Please bring your Thanksgiving Bread and Wine to be Blest

NOTE: The Rectory is closed on November 24th and November 25th.

Sunday, November 27th

Communion under Both Forms begins

RCIA at 12 Noon Mass

Wednesday, November 30th

Knights of Columbus Orientation Meeting at 7:30 p.m. in Church

Sunday, December 4th

School 2nd Collection

Children’s Choir at 10 a.m. Mass

A Visit from St. Nicholas

Reception following in Hall


Sunday, November 6

8 AM

People of the Parish

10 AM

Emanuel Borg (D)


Amador & Marina Mendoza (D)

5 PM

Gasper Velasco (D)

Monday, November 7

8 AM

Marcelina Rimando (D)

Tuesday, November 8

8 AM

Esther Obico (Th)

Wednesday, November 9

8 AM

Pastor Paiz (D)

Thursday, November 10

8 AM

Renato & Cirila Holgado (D)

Friday, November 11

8 AM

Fernando & Gregoria (D)

Saturday, November 12

8 AM

Deceased Legionaries of M.D

5 PM

Guiseppe & Teresa Uccelli (D)


Join Father Brian on a 15-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Italy, in June 2006. Visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, Jericho and the Dead Sea, in the Holy Land; Assisi, Siena and Rome, in Italy. For more info, contact Jim Sullivan, tour leader, at 650-321-4534

Dear Friends,

I learned this past week that the Parish Festival made $30,000. That’s $10,000 more than we made from last year. Again, I thank all those who worked so hard to make this happen. You really are the greatest!

You will notice in Upcoming Events that I will be speaking at all the Masses on the State of the Parish next weekend. Even though we are doing a little better with the Sunday Collection, we are still not able to pay our bills. Can I please ask those who put one dollar or some change in the basket to find it within themselves to put in two dollars instead. If every cooperated, we would be able to pay our bills. Please don’t be cheap with God! Our survival as a parish depends on your generosity.

During the month of November, I will remember all your loved ones in my Masses.

Have a great week!

Father Brian