Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 5, 2005 - Bulletin

The Lord tells the number of the stars and tells them by name.

— Psalm 147:4

THEME OF OUR LITURGY - “ The Healing Power of Jesus”
Job 7:1-4, 6-7 Job spoke, saying: “I have been assigned months of misery, and troubled nights have been allotted to me.”

1 Corinthians 9:16-19, 22-23 I have become all things to all, to save at least some.

Mark 1:29-39 Jesus cured many who were sick with various diseases.


We pray for our children who are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

We pray for the repose of the souls of Bertha Bacho who died last week and MALEN FERRER, sister of Mel Ferrer who died this week, and we offer our sympathy to their families.

We pray for all the sick in our parish, especially: Maureen Dan, Tom Cathey, Richard Jordan, John Duran, Florence Favrow, Margaret Caylao, John Hartlein, Lory Manzano, Angela Uccelli, Victor Fernandez, Clifford Chase, and Emil Valdes.

Mark your calendars for the Crab Cioppino Dinner to be held on Friday, February 24th. Tickets $35.00 per person or 4 for $130.00. For information and reservations, please call Bob Reid at 952-4832.


We are in need of Volunteers for Hospitality at the 10:00 a.m. Mass. If you wish to help, please call the Rectory at 583-4131.


Many thanks to those parishioners who contributed to the Church Collection last Sunday. Amount received: $4,583, and for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, amount received: $1,296. Cost of running the Parish for the week: $5,200.


On Saturday, February 11th, Bishop Ignatius Wang will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation with the people of Mater Dolorosa Parish at 10:00 am. All parishioners are invited to attend.


A few months ago, I was told we made a $30,000 profit on the Festival. That’s not true. After paying off all the Festival Bills, we made a profit of $18,016.90. Half the money went to the School, the other half went to the Parish. I’m disappointed we didn’t make more, but $18,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Hopefully, next year we can make a few more bucks and pay off some bills. The most important thing, though, was everyone had a good time. That’s what counts the most!

Father Brian

  1. Beginning Ash Wednesday, March 1st, I am thinking about adding a Second Daily Mass during Lent at 7:30 pm in the Church. The Schedule would be Monday through Thursday, Mass at 8 am and 7:30 p.m. On Friday, Mass at 8 am and Stations of the Cross at 7:30 pm. Let me know what you think.

  2. Beginning on First Friday, March 3rd, and on all the First Friday’s thereafter, we will have all day Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Church. Adoration will begin following the 8am Mass and will continue to 7:30 pm when Adoration will end with Benediction. Please sign up in the Vestibule of the Church for the period of time when you can be with Our Lord. The only way we can have all day Adoration is with everyone’s cooperation. Someone has to be in the Church at all times when Adoration is taking place.

Thank you, in advance, for your prayerful service.


Sunday, February 5

8 AM

Roy Pasini (D)

10 AM

Emanuel Borg (D)


People of the Parish

5 PM

Irene Villafuenta (D)

Monday, February 6

8 AM

Kevin McKenna (D)

Tuesday, February 7

8 AM

Ramona Lejano (D)

Wednesday, February 8

8 AM

Son Nguyen (D)

5 PM

Our Lady of Fatima (Th)

Thursday, February 9

8 AM

Marcy Carey (D)

Friday, February 10

8 AM

Malen Ferrer (D)

Saturday, February

8 AM

Richard Wyman (D)

5 PM

Giuseppe & Teresa Uccelli Family (D)

Beginning this week, I will be running a column in the Bulletin on “Fascinating Bible Facts.” I hope you find these facts as fascinating as I do.

GENESIS: Book of Origins

The Bible’s first book deals with origins, naturally enough. It tells the stories of the creation of the world and humanity. It also tells about the introduction of evil into the world. Then the book focuses upon the life of Abraham’s family, the father of the Jews, through whom God established his special plans for the human race.

Dear Friends,

I read an article recently in Catholic San Francisco on courtesy, politeness, and manners at Mass. It got me thinking. I’d like to offer my own “Ten Commandments” on spiritual etiquette at Mass. Tell me what you think.

  1. Everyone should be prompt.

  2. No one should leave until they hear the priest say: “the Mass is ended.”

  3. The chewing of gum is a no no.

  4. Men and boy’s should remove their hats and caps before coming into Church.

  5. All food and water should be discarded in the trash can outside, including baby food.

  6. Cell Phones should be in the Off Position.

  7. The manner of dress should be befitting the presence of God.

  8. All social conversations should be held outside of Church.

  9. All Kleenex and tissues should be disposed of properly, not in the pews or parking lot.

  10. Missal’s should be put back in their racks and should never ever be taken home.
(see Seventh Commandment in the Old Testament).

I sometimes think that a lot of us forget that we are in God’s presence when we Come to Church. I hope these Ten Commandments gives you some food for thought.

Have a great week!

Father Brian