Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church
Fifteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time

July 16, 2006 - Bulletin



“Lord, let us see your kindness, and grant us your salvation”


— Psalm 85




THEME OF OUR LITURGY – “In Him we were also chosen, destined in accord with the purpose of the One who accomplishes all things according to the intention of His will” Ephesians 1:11

First Reading: Amos 7:12-15 Amos said, “The Lord took me from following the flock, and said to me, go, prophesy to my people.”


Second Reading: Ephesians 1:3-14 [3-10] The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing.


Gospel: Mark 6:7-13 Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two.


Sun.  July 16


8 AM


People of the Parish


10 AM


Dr. Leonardo E. Macalalag (D)




Christopher Myhra

Mon.  July 17


8 AM


Souls of the Jukota Family

Tue.   July 18


8 AM


Julie B. Vergara (SI)

Wed.  July 19


8 AM


Rocca S. Rubina (SI)

Thu.   July 20


8 AM


Gregorio Oblea (D)

Fri.     July 21


8 AM


Teresa Peluso

Sat.    July 22


8 AM


Eileen A. Costello (D)


5 PM


Deceased Members of the Uccelli Family



July 2, 2006

First Collection Total        -   $2,339.00

Second Collection Total   -  $1,495.50

(Parish School)


July 9, 2006

First Collection Total        -  $3,762.50

Second Collection Total   -  $2,473.00

(Little Sisters of the Poor)


Cost of running the Parish for the week: $5200.

Registered Families: 893

Thank you for  your continued support!  


We pray for all  the  sick  in our parish, especially: Joe Aquilina, Frances Casillas, Tom Cathey, Margaret Caylao, Maureen Dan, John Duran, Florence Farrow,  Richard Jordon, Lory Manzano, and Emil Valdes.  May God Bless  them and their families.


Our Second  Collection this Sunday is for our Parish Improvement Fund.

Please be generous! Thank you.



     Now in its 7th year in San Mateo County, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has over 1,000 dedicated volunteers who provide emergency assistance in every area of the county.  For fiscal year 2005, the Society’s San Mateo District Council announced that 46,210 unduplicated individuals were helped and of those, 21,500 were children.  The number of home visits was 11,330 to clients regardless of race, creed or disability, or any other criteria, other than need.  Volunteers give food, prevent evictions with rent assistance, offer clothing and furniture, and other basic necessities.


St. Vincent de Paul has three homeless help centers where 3,020 people were given aid.  The number of visits made to the incarcerated was 3,750, and 1,090 visits were made to the sick.  Rehabilitative employment is offered at four stores in Daly City, South San Francisco, San Mateo and Redwood City.  St. Vincent de Paul also staffs a vehicle lot in San Carlos for donated cars.  Administration and fundraising expenses were 7%.  Ninety-three cents of every dollar donated goes directly to help the poor! 


Contact Margaret Jung, St. Vincent de Paul Development Director at (650) 373-0622 to receive a copy of the annual report and learn more about the works of St. Vincent de Paul in San Mateo County.


Please be generous with the upcoming 5th Sunday collection to support the

Society of St. Vincent de Paul! 



Give your marriage a well deserved vacation.  Go on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend and come back with a marriage that is refreshed and full of energy!  Get away from the busyness of everyday life and let God speak to your marriage.  For more information, go to, or call Paul & Yvonne at (650) 366-7093.  The next San Francisco Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend is November 3-5, 2006 in Burlingame.


     Boosting Mater Dolorosa’s school enrollment is a #1 priority in my book.  I want to promote the positive new environment at the school, and our best marketing tool is our current students and parents.

     To show you how serious we are at boosting enrollment, I have authorized our new principal, Sister Teresita, to offer a $1,000.00 tuition credit to any parent of an existing MD student, for each new student that enrolls and is accepted in MD for the 2006/2007 school year as a result of your recommendation.

     Mater Dolorosa is second to none in educating our children and developing their spiritual awareness.  Our classes have the best teacher to student ratio, which means more one-on-one time.

     Through this Sunday Bulletin, I will keep you informed of our progress and I will post the names of the parents and students who receive the $1,000.00 tuition credit, and how many credits they receive.

     We have a great school here at MD, and with your continued involvement, we will continue to build it up for many years to come.  Now let’s see just who can get out there and promote Mater Dolorosa School. 

     This tuition credit policy will run from June 24th to August 28th, the first day of school

                       Good luck to all!—Father Brian.