Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church
The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph
December 31, 2006 - Bulletin

Blessed are they who dwell in your house, O Lord.

Psalm 84

Family life is sacred, but it is not without trial.

First Reading: 1 Samuel 1:20-22,24-28 Hannah conceived, and at the end of her term bore a son whom she called Samuel.

Second Reading: 1 John 3:1-2, 21-24 See what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God.

Gospel: Luke 2:41-52 The boy Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem, but his parents did not know it. They found him in the temple, in the midst of the teachers.


Sunday, December 31

8 AM

Antone Orta (D)

10 AM

People of the Parish


Cherry Hazel Tesoro (SI)

5 PM

Kevin Coughlin (D)

Monday, January 1

8:30 AM

Rommel Castelo Family (TH)

10:00 AM

Priest’s Intention

Tuesday, January 2

8:30 AM

Cecilia Munoz Palma (D)

Wednesday, January 3

8:30 AM

George Comisky (D)

Thursday, January 4

8:30 AM

Priest’s Intention

Friday, January 5

8:30 AM

Priest’s Intention

Saturday, January 6

8:30 AM

Priest’s Intention

5 PM

Priest’s Intention

We pray for all the sick in our parish, especially: Maureen Dan, Jack Devine, Florence Farrow, Jovita Guajardo, Lory Manzano, Bob Reid and Luz P. Valdez.

May God bless them and their families.

Our Parish Office will be closed until Tuesday, January 2, 2007 for the Christmas break. Please feel free to leave a message for our office staff and we will get back to you the first week in January.

Have a very Happy New Year from the M.D. Staff

Recently, Archbishop Niederauer received a letter from a lady named Cecilia (with no last name). Her letter, in part, reads as follows:

“The reason I am writing to you is that I have no family. I was adopted and the couple that adopted me. . . left a box of pictures and moved away when I became ill. Now I have no one. . . I am so lonely. Maybe my birth family would like to know what happened to me.

Could you find it in your heart to include this message in bulletins throughout the Archdiocese? Teresa Louise, born 11/28/1953 in San Francisco. Write P.O. Box 127, Columbia, CA 95310.”

Many thanks for considering her request!

Dear Friends,

I want to thank all those who helped make Christmas this year so special: the musicians, altar servers, ushers, and the members of the Altar Society. I’ve never seen the Church look so good.

Thank you, George and Pat Garibaldi, for purchasing a king for our new Nativity Set. George and Pat purchased the statue in memory of their parents. If you are interested in purchasing other statues in the set (shepherds, kings, or animals), please contact Fran in the rectory office.

We have removed 407 people from our Sunday Envelope Collection List. These 407 people did not use their envelopes once during this past year and each packet of envelopes costs us a few bucks. If you were one of these 407 people, and would like to continue receiving envelopes, please contact Fran in the rectory office. I’ve also been told that the envelopes will be delivered every other month beginning in the New Year, rather than three times a year. Thanks to all of you who use the Sunday Envelopes on a regular basis. It makes everything a lot easier when the people come in to count the collections on Monday.

Finally, I want to say I’m sorry to all those parishioners I may have offended during this past year. My goal has always been to bring people together, and thus, closer to Christ. I’m sorry that this has not happened with some of you. My door is always open if you want to talk. Looking back on 2006, I thought losing my Mom was difficult enough, but losing some of you good parishioners has been much harder. I pray with this New Year almost upon us, that this will be a new beginning for our parish as well. If there is anything I can do to make this happen, please let me know.

Happy New Year!

Father Brian

Prayer for Peace

O Loving God,
grant us peace.
Bring peace to my family,
my loved ones,
my community,
my nation and my world.

We place ourselves in Your care,
in the gentle hands of Your Blessed Mother.

We ask You to make us more alive in faith,
generous in love and filled with hope.

O God, help us be peacemakers,
people of vision and courage
and give us the grace to follow You.

New Year’s Day, Monday, Jan. 1st:

(Not a Holy Day of Obligation)
Masses at 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.