Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 15, 2008 - Bulletin

We are his people: The sheep of his flock.

Psalm 100


We are encouraged to pray for an increase in the number of candidates for priestly ordination.

First Reading: Exodus 19:2-6a
You shall be my special possession, dearer to me than all others.

Second Reading: Romans 5:6-11
We boast of God through Christ Jesus, through whom we have been reconciled.

Gospel: Matthew 9:3—10:8
Jesus commissioned the Twelve: Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons.

We welcome

Jonas Kona Tajbl

to our Catholic community through the sacrament of Baptism. May God bless him and his family.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends out the disciples to meet the needs of others. His admonition to them is the same challenge He makes to us: “The gift you have received, give as a gift.” See Matthew 10:8

“Stewardship by the Book” by Sharon Huekel


Sunday, June 15

8:00 AM

John Krische (D)

10:00 AM

Mary Grondona (D)


Jose Rivera (L)

Monday, June 16

8:00 AM

Ian Joseph McCray (L)

Tuesday, June 17

8:00 AM

Jim Costello (D)

Wednesday, June 18

8:00 AM

Reymond Colon (D)

Thursday, June 19

8:00 AM

Bienvenido Marzan (D)

Friday, June 20

8:00 AM

Barbara Prawicki (D)

Saturday, June 21

8:00 AM

Antonino Palomba (D)

5:00 PM

People of the Parish


First Collection Total - $4,119.00
Second Collection Total - $1,508.00 (Parish Improvement Fund)

Our Second Collection this Sunday is for Myanmar & China Relief.
Our Second Collection next week is for St. Vincent de Paul Society. 

Thank you for your generous support!

Please keep all those who are sick in our parish family in your prayers, especially:

Matilde Agasid, Kayla Arangcon, Wallace Cain, Jack Devine , Dawn Hassinger, Fran Hinklin, Steve Medina, Olga Montoya, and Rita Williams.

Our prayers are with them, and those who care for them.

Blessing Prayer for Father’s Day

Blessed are You, Lord and Father of all life,
who has given to us the
gift of the father of our family.
Today, we honor him,
and we thank You for the numerous good things
that are ours because of him.
His love for us
has been a sign of Your diving affection
and a sharing in Your holy love.
His continuous concern for our needs and welfare
is a mirror of Your holy providence.
And so, as we honor him,
we praise You, Father of all peoples.

Bless him this day
with Your strength and holy power
that he may continue to be a sign of You, our God,
and a priestly parent to our family.
My we who have the honor of bearing his family name
do so with great pride.
May we, the members of his family,
assist him in his holy duties as a parent
with our respect, our obedience, and our deep affection.

Bless him, Lord,
with happiness and good health,
with peace and with good fortune,
so that he who has shared of his very life
may live forever with You,
his God and heavenly Father.

This blessing and all graces, we pray,
descend upon the father of our family:
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Dear Friends,

Father Alex, the priest who has been celebrating the Sunday Evening Mass with you this past year, has been assigned to St. Patrick’s in The City, beginning July 1st. Because of this, and a few other reasons, I have decided to cancel the Sunday Evening Mass permanently. The bottom line is that we have too many Masses and not enough priests here at Mater Dolorosa. Since very few parishioners attended this Mass to begin with, this was a pretty easy call.

Let me give you some interesting numbers. We have 682 registered families here at Mater Dolorosa, 480 who are active and another 202 who are inactive. Approximately 525 families contribute to the support of the Church on a regular basis, and only 320 of those families use envelopes. Envelope users account for over 75% of the total Sunday collection.

On the national level, there are 67.5 million Catholics in the U.S. There are also 42,307 priests in the U.S., which is 5,790 fewer priests than 10 years ago. The Catholic population is growing, but there are fewer and fewer priests serving that population with each passing year.

Thanks to all your hard work, we made over $700.00 on “Late Nite Catechism.”

We had about a dozen people receive First Communion this past year. We had about another dozen receive Confirmation. Where are you? I haven’t seen you or your families at Sunday Mass since you received those Sacraments.

Thank you to everyone who made my 55th birthday so special at the 10:00 a.m. Mass on June 1st. Special thanks go to Fran Lidwell for organizing it and putting it together. You made me very happy!

Happy Father’s Day!

Father Brian



If your last name begins with:

A - E

Please bring beverages

F - P

Please bring a main dish

Q - Z

Please bring a sweetie (and a dessert)

Paper plates, cups and utensils will be provided. Any volunteers interested in helping to BBQ, set-up and clean-up, please call the Rectory Office at (650) 583-4131.


Special EWTN telecasts in June include Pope Benedict XVI, at the start of the Pauline Year, leading Vespers at St. Paul’s Outside the Wall, June 28th at 8:30 a.m. Other programming features “Paul: From Tarsus to the World”, a seven-part series that airs June 19-20 & June 23-27 at 3:30 p.m.