Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 15, 2009 - Bulletin

I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.

Psalm 32


Do everything for the glory of God, not for our own benefit, but for that of all.

First Reading: Leviticus 13:1-2, 44-46
The leper will dwell apart, making an abode outside the camp.

Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 10:31 - 11:1
Do everything for the glory of God; be imitators of Christ.

Gospel: Mark 1:40-45
The leprosy left him immediately, and he was made clean.



Sunday, February 15th

8:00 AM

Vincente & Cecilia Grivas (D)


10:00 AM

Pio Mezzadri (D)



Jovita Guajardo (D)


Monday, February 16th

8:00 AM

Priest’s Intention


Tuesday, February 17th

8:00 AM

Priest’s Intention


Wednesday, February 18th

8:00 AM



Thursday, February 19th

8:00 AM

Priest’s Intention


Friday, February 20th

8:00 AM

Contemplatives of St. Joseph


Saturday, February 21st

8:00 AM

Mater Dolorosa Confirmandi


5:00 PM

Jim Lim (D)


COLLECTION TOTALS - February 8, 2009

First Collection Total - $4,955.00
Second Collection Total - $2,031.50 (Parish Improvement)

Our Second Collection this Sunday is for our Helping Hands Fund.
Our Second Collection next Sunday is for Special Parish Projects. 

Thank you for supporting your parish
and your Catholic Church!

Our Rectory Office will be closed on Monday, February 16th to honor President’s Day.

Focusing on the Gospel

Lepers in biblical times were required to proclaim themselves “unclean” and live in social and religious isolation from the community. The leper in today’s gospel, excluded from the community, understandably approached Jesus with doubt: “If you wish. . . . ” Jesus, however, has no doubt about his response, for his purpose in coming among us was to show the compassion of God for the outcast. “I do will it.” Jesus touches us in the same ways today, drawing us into community and enabling us to do the same for others.

From “Living Liturgy”

 Dear Friends,

Each year in February, Archbishop George Niederauer asks us to join his efforts in providing programs and ministries to the people of the San Francisco Archdiocese through our participation in the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal (AAA). We are called by God to be good stewards of all that He has given us, and this Appeal is an excellent way to respond to that call.

In the Gospel of Mark, we are reminded over and over again that we have benefited from God’s goodness. Each of us here at Mater Dolorosa has been richly blessed and we can each find some way to give back to God. We can continue the mission of Jesus through our participation in this Appeal. The ministries funded by the Appeal reach the poor, the homeless, youth, seniors, the disabled, the sick, and others. These ministries and services aid virtually every Catholic in need, and the Appeal also helps evangelize many who have not heard the Good News of Jesus. Every Catholic in the Archdiocese is asked to consider participation in these vital ministries.

None of the money raised during this Archbishop’s Annual Appeal 2009 Campaign will be used for settlement of sex abuse cases, payment of legal fees associated with those cases, support of priests on administrative leave pending action on their case, or for insurance premiums to cover such losses. One hundred percent of the funds from the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal 2009 will be used for the ministries and programs within and without the Archdiocese.

Our parish assessment this year is $40,300. Any money raised in addition to this amount will be used for our own parish needs here in South San Francisco. Some of the ways we may use that money include: 1) repairing our Kindergarten Classroom; 2) replacing the Anchor fencing around the parish property and 3) replacing the wood fence around the convent and rectory gardens.

Next Sunday, March 22nd, I will talk more about the Appeal at all the Masses. I hope and pray we can get 100% participation this year. Thanks to your past generosity with the Appeal, last year we got back $20,000 from the Archdiocese, and two years ago, we got back nearly $40,000. Needless to say, a lot of the improvements you see around here are due in large part to the refunds we got from the Appeal.

I will pledge $403 to this year’s Appeal, which is 1% of our goal. I ask you, in turn, to join me in giving 1% or more to the Appeal as well. Know, though, whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. I know times are tough, but even though they are tough, all of us have been greatly blessed by God. Remember the words found in the Scriptures: “To those who have been given much, much will be expected.”

May God bless you for your stewardship and for your support of Mater Dolorosa and in your efforts to share your abundance with those most in need.

Have a great week!

Father Brian

Coming Soon! “Faith Café ”
Every Tuesday, 3:45 PM -5:00 PM or 7:30 PM-8:30 PM
March 3rd through April 7th

As you prepare for Easter,
see the magnificence of God’s extreme love for you!

All adults 18 years and older are invited to spend six weeks exploring a deep and never-ending love meant just for you – a love that began with God the Father became visible in God the Son, and lives in each of us today through God in the Holy Spirit. Join in any day or any time. This small group discussion in the Parish Hall explores the salvation story in six parts:

Extreme Need

Extreme Commitment

Extreme Sacrifice

Extreme Mercy

Extreme Glory

Extreme Love

Please join us, and plan to make this a part of your Lenten Journey.