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Mass Guidelines at Mater Dolorosa Church
June 24, 2021

The following modifications are outlined according to what is to be retained, what is to be dropped, what may be restored, and what is to be modified. Most significantly, it is now time to return back to Mass. Therefore, the dispensation for the Sunday obligation will be rescinded on June 24, 2021. That is, the dispensation for attending Sunday Mass will be dropped, and the Sunday Mass obligation restored.

To be Retained:


Doors and windows are to stay open to ensure maximum ventilation, weather providing.


Congregants are to wear masks during Mass indoors (unless they have a physical or personal difficulty with it).


Churches should continue to maintain visible signage encouraging social distancing of six feet, and washing of hands and maintaining hygienic protocols.


Hand sanitizers are to be readily available. Collections may be taken up by baskets at the back of the church or the vestibule.


Missal to be placed on a stand at the presider’s chair.


No procession with the offerings to the altar.


Location of vessels on the altar according to the current protocols.


Sign of Peace to be exchanged by the people reverently bowing to those near them.


The current procedure for the distribution of Communion is to continue (don mask, sanitize hands, sanitize again if make contact).


Distribution of Communion under the species of bread only. Parishioners who are not currently receiving Holy Communion may approach a priest or deacon for a blessing. Holy water in stoups at entrances to the church will not yet be available.

To be Dropped:


Dispensation from Sunday obligation (This does not apply to those persons restricted from coming to Mass for health reasons, or health concerns).


Contact information lists and consent forms, as well as taking of temperatures.


Sanitizing pews and other-high touch areas before services.


Wearing of masks for outdoor services.


Washing of purified vessels with hot water and soap after Mass.

To be Restored


Use of missals, bulletins, hymnals, cards, worship aids will be available in the vestibule. A bulletin will be handed to you by an usher.


Families may take home a missal and bring it to Mass with them.


The resumption of pre-Covid 19 Mass schedule in parishes.

To be Modified:


Social distancing reduced to six feet between households.


An organist and a cantor is allowed, keeping a minimum of twelve feet apart from each other.


Congregational singing (presuming that, when indoors, the people are wearing masks).


Liturgical ministers do not wear masks while carrying out their liturgical ministry (including cantor at the ambo, provided the closest person is at least twenty feet away).


Concelebrating priests do not wear masks unless they cannot remain a minimum of six feet apart from each other.

Mass Schedule

as of May 6, 2021

Masses and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

All parishioners are required to wear masks at all times and practice social distancing. Please note that we will have recorded music but please refrain from singing per Supreme Court and CDC guidelines.

Saturday: 5:00pm, Sunday: 8:00am, 10:00am and at 12:00 noon.
Latin Mass is weekdays at 12:00 noon, and Sundays at 5:00p.m.

Saturdays from 3:00pm thru 4:00pm or by appointment. Check this website for updates.

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Rev. Fr. Rolando De la Rosa, Pastor

Father Vito Perrone, COSJ, Weekend Assistant

Rev. Mr. Alex Aragon, Permanent Deacon

Mrs. Frances Lidwell, Parish Secretary

Ms. Felisa Cepeda, Director of Religious Education

Ms. Diana Powell, Director of RCIA

Ms. Evangeline de Guzman, Bookkeeper

Mr. Ricardo Carlos, Sacristan


If you know of any Parishioner who is seriously sick at home or at Kaiser, please call one of the priests for the Anointing of the Sick.
If you know of any parishioner who is unable to come to Mass, please call the Parish Center so that one of the Ministers of the Eucharist may bring Communion to the home.


Sundays: at 1:00pm
Parents are expected to be registered and practicing Catholics witnessing to their faith by regular attendance at Mass. Parents should contact the Parish Center at least three months prior to the desired date of Baptism, in order to allow sufficient time for the sacramental preparation.


Children must be enrolled in the Faith Formation Class one year prior to the year of preparation for the Sacrament. In most cases, this sacrament is celebrated in Second Grade.


Children must be enrolled in the Faith Formation Class one year prior to the year of preparation for the Sacrament. In most cases, this sacrament is celebrated in Eighth Grade.


Engaged couples are to contact the Parish Center at least six months before the desired date in order to prepare properly for the celebration of the sacrament.

Parish Center: (650) 583-4131

Fr. Roland De la Rosa and other Parish Leaders

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